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Viv, you would be so proud. I've bought your calendar and I have content for not just 1 but for 2 weeks!! Wooooop.

Viv @theculturedmarkerter.reads

I just bought it! And I love it! So easy to implement. I'm about to use the prompts to elevate the content I have scheduled!

Tolu @Tolucreates

I love love the content calendar! I got so many ideas from it. I'm excited to start implementing it and watch my brand grow!

Deirdra @peacesofdeidra

What you'll also learn:

Why you need content goals

You need to understanding that every piece of content needs to have a purpose. Having content goals gives you the focus to find the right clients that you can market your products and services to.

Mindset shifts before you start...

I love quotes and I sprinkled a couple in there because as you work through this guidebook, your mindset needs to be intact!

Why your brand is all about your audiences' journey

If you don't understand the journey your clients take to choosing you, then there is no way you will know what to post. Understand and internalize their journey so you can show up confidently for them!

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